Authenticity Guaranteed


All our goods are 100% authentic. 

At SZN Supply, we take pride in offering only 100% authentic sneakers to our customers. We understand that authenticity is important to sneaker collectors and enthusiasts, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that every pair of sneakers we sell is genuine.

To ensure the authenticity of our sneakers, we have a multi-step authentication process in place. This process involves a thorough inspection of the sneakers by our team of experts, who are trained to spot even the smallest details that could indicate a pair is not authentic.

In addition to this internal authentication process, we are also proud to be a part of eBay's authentication program. This program is only available to sellers who are able to meet eBay's strict standards for authenticity, so our customers can be assured that every pair of sneakers they purchase from us has been vetted and approved by eBay as well.

We believe that our commitment to authenticity is what sets us apart from other sneaker sellers and is what keeps our customers coming back to us for all of their sneaker needs.