Sneaker Requests

Can’t seem to find what your looking for? 
Did you miss out on your size? 

Sneaker Requests are available. If your unable to find a specific item, or you weren’t able to checkout in time & missed your size, you can now request us to source it for you

Please fill out the form below with all your correct contact details & the item you are looking for. Please note down the name of the shoe & size you are after. 

We will then attend to your request & notify you within an hour if we are able to source the requested item. We will also provide the price upon response (Please note that the sneaker market is forever changing in price, resulting in potentially different prices from when we had the item in stock)

In cases we can not find the requested item, we will message you and ask if you would like to be notified if we find the item in the near future. We will also show you alternate options they we have in stock that you may like. 

Alternatively you can contact us with your request on Instagram at sznsupply or via phone number of 0478839755

We look forward to acquiring your dream sneaker


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