Same Day Delivery Service

SZN Supply prides itself on its exceptional, fast and easy service. In attempt to achieve this, we provide a highly desired and loved same day delivery service, to ensure customers are extremely satisfied on receiving their sneakers on the same day they placed an order. This is a very limited service, that is only provided by an extremely small amount of online sellers. The key features of the service will be outlined below:

    • All same day delivery orders need to be sent through to us via email at , via sms at 0478839755 or our direct messages on instagram, at sznsupply, alternatively use the contact form located below. This is done as it allows for easier communication with our team, so we can organise a suitable & perfect delivery time. Customers will need to provide the shoe name, size and delivery address in the message. We will provide available delivery times and determine the best suited time to schedule the drop off. 
    • Same day delivery only applies to customers located within Melbourne, Victoria. All orders need to be located within 30km of Coburg, Victoria. Orders need to be placed before 2pm to guarantee delivery that night. Depending on bookings for that day, we can still fulfil orders after 2pm, otherwise they will be received the following day within a 24-hour period. 

    • Same day delivery is subject to our available stock. Not all stock available online will be available for same day delivery. When you contact us, we will let you know before going any further if the item/items your wanting to order are available for same day delivery.
    • In regards to payment, all same day deliveries need to be paid in full amount. Payment options include cash, PayPal and bank transfer. There will be no payment plans or AfterPay. There is no added fee for same day drop off.

    • Same refund/exchange policy applies. The refund/exchange policy can be found through the following link: refund/exchange policy

Thank you to all our customers for cooperating and allows us to provide the smoothest service. For any further questions please message us at sznsupply on Instagram! 

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